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How can VitaLife and Paaws help my pet? Dogs and cats, like people, have specific needs nutritionally speaking.  Each year, the aging process takes it's toll on our pets. Both dog health and cat health begin to slow down both mentally and physically. If we take ever precaution and make our best efforts to take care of our own health, doesn't it make sense to apply these same principles to our beloved companions. Vitalife and Paaws cat health is designed with the special needs of your pet in mind, by providing your pet with optimal nutrition, Vitalife and Paaws can increase your pets healthy life span and slow the aging process

How are VitaLife and Paaws unique? Vitalife and Paaws are the latest advance in total wellness and cat health. There are no other available products that provide the ingredients your pet needs like Vitalife and Paaws. You would have to purchase at least 10 to 12 over the counter supplements to match the effective ingredients that are found in Vitalife and Paaws cat health. With two independent field trial studies supporting the benefits of total health and wellness products for pets, isn't it time you made the first step?

When can I expect to see some results? Some pets show improvement in as little as three days. Generally speaking you should see positive changes in just 2-6 weeks.

Do the VitaLife and Paaws cat health care products cause side effects? There are no reported side effects to date, as well as no none side effects of any other formulas created by Dr. Carol Osborne. For cat's, if the dose is too high, or if your cat is also taking Vitamin C and/or Glucosamine, loose stool may occur. Dr. Carol recommends that all other supplements are stopped at least 24 hours prior to starting with Vitalife and Paaws cat health. If your pet experiences any problems call Dr. Carol for a personal consultation. Keep in mind that Vitalife and Paaws are 100% natural and consist only of the high quality human grade ingredients.

Will my pet like VitaLife and Paaws? The Vitalife and Paaws chewable tablets are "delicious" based upon in house taste tests.  Most owners can conveniently incorporate Vitalife and Paaws as a twice daily treat. For finicky felines combining Vitalife or Paaws with food is a successful strategy. Try mixing it with a all natural canned wet food.

Why hasn't my Vet told me about VitaLife or Paaws? Vitalife and Paaws cat health care are recent breakthroughs and have only been available on a limited basis through select veterinarians.  We encourage you to show your vet the Vitalife and Paaws formulas; let him/her read the ingredient listing. We are confident that your vet will agree the Vitalife and Paaws programs make sense for your pet. It's all natural, total health and wellness supplement in one formula. Providing longevity and cat health for years to in a simple chewable form.

What if my pet is taking other medications as prescribed our vet? Always check with your vet first regarding medication interactions.  Dr. Carol recommends you stop all other joint treatments 24 hours prior to starting with Vitalife or Paaws.

Why does my cat have to take VitaLife or Paaws twice daily? During the day, your pet's body goes through various stresses. To protect your cat, VitaLife or Paaws AM formula provides your pet with natural ingredients and nutrients each morning that energize his body and prepare him for the day ahead. Taken before bedtime, VitaLife or Paaws PM formula produces a calming effect. Vitalife and Paaws cat health care not only prepare your pet for sleep, but also re-energize his body's cells. Your cat will wake up feeling refreshed, ready to embark on the next new day.

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This all natural scientific cat health breakthrough was created by Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM. Dr. Carol is a world renowned veterinarian, author and media personality. She is the creator of VitaLife cat health & PAAWS (Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System) as seen on TV. This all new formula, VitaLife cat health, offers your cat complete health and total wellness.